Magical watches – guaranteed to make a splash

The Magneto Watch concept

Forget about conventional watch hands. Instead, two magical spheres orbit to tell you the time. The inner sphere indicates hours, and the outer indicates minutes.

We are proud to be the first magnetic watchmaker in the world whose hand technology works according to the typical US hand arrangement.

No other watchmaker has come closing to recreating the magic of our watches! So, if you come across similar watches online, the key to recognising the real deal is how the watch hands (or rather ‘spheres’!) are arranged.

You’ll quickly see that the MAGNETO WATCH is completely special!

Is Magneto Watch the original?

In the following article, you can find out what sets us apart from other similar watch providers and why Magneto Watch is the best choice for you.

The most extraordinary watches in the world?

Once you wear a Magneto watch, get ready to constantly be asked about the uniqueness of this watch! The magic of magnetism causes many surprised faces among your fellow human beings. Get to know the special concept of Magneto Watch!

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Interchangeable Straps - Your Style Upgrade

Is your style bright and colourful? Or are you an elegant and classic soul? No problem!

You can have infinite combinations with Magneto watches!

Mix and match our stylish interchangeable watch straps to change up your Magneto watch on a whim!

Get the right combo for any occasion – only with Magneto!

Design your own watch!

Your watch, your decision: Customize your Magneto Watch exactly the way you want with our configurator! Choose from a variety of watch designs and straps in different colors and materials to create a watch that perfectly matches your personal style.

Unique Jewelry

Discover our unique pieces of jewelry that attract everyone's attention and express your personality in a special way.

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