What makes Magneto Watch different from other magnetic watches?

The big difference between Magneto Watch and all other providers of magnetic watches is the arrangement of the spheres.

Only with Magneto Watch does the inner sphere show the hours and the outer sphere the minutes.

This arrangement is an analogy to conventional watch hands, where the short hand indicates the hours (inner sphere) and the long hand the minutes (outer sphere).

"Magneto Watch: inner sphere = hours, outer sphere = minutes"

With all other providers, it's the other way around, so the time cannot be read intuitively.

"Other providers: Inner sphere = minutes, outer sphere = hours"

Arrangement of spheres protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization

The innovative hand mechanism of Magneto Watches isn't just eye-catching but also protected under a registered design at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

International Registration Number: DM/226 454

For you, this means:

  • Exclusivity: Only Magneto Watch is permitted to use this unique arrangement of hands.
  • Security: You can be confident that you're acquiring an original product that displays time in a manner analogous to traditional watches.
  • Pioneering spirit: We are constantly developing new designs and investing in new technologies to bring you the finest watches in this segment.

Creativity from Germany

Our design team in Germany is constantly developing new models that impress with their innovative designs and exceptional materials. In 2024, you can expect 6 new releases that will set standards in the world of watches.

Look forward to:

  • Revolutionary designs: Our designers are constantly thinking ahead and developing new shapes and functions.
  • High-quality materials: We only use the best materials and components to offer high-quality and durable products.
  • Individualization: We attach great importance to our wearers being able to underline their personality with our watches. That is why we are constantly developing new ideas for the individual design of our watches, such as the free choice of watch strap and personalization through innovative laser engraving.

Reliable delivery times and service quality from Germany

When you choose Magneto Watch, you are choosing quality and service from the heart of Germany.

As a young start-up, we are proud to guarantee reliable delivery routes directly from our warehouse in Germany.

Our local customer service ensures personal and efficient support. We also offer you a 2-year guarantee on our products and have our own workshop, which enables fast and professional repairs.

Experience the difference with Magneto Watch - where service quality meets innovative watch designs.

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Das war aber eine sehr schnelle Lieferung und ich bin begeistert von meiner neuen Uhr.
Sie ist was ganz besonderes.
Grüße an das Team

Elisabeth Klein

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