How it all started...

Magneto Watch was founded in 2020 by Michael & Michael in Germany.

Our vision was to develop extraordinary accessories that make our wearers stand out from the gray crowd and give them unique individuality.

The idea

Both founders shared a fascination for watches. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to focus on a wristwatch in the product development.

The idea was to develop a watch that not only shows the time, but through refined technology and aesthetic design underlines the personality of the wearer and perfectly brings out his uniqueness.

Design meets magnetism

Magnetism has fascinated mankind for centuries. And so have we!

With the magnetic sphere system, which floats like little spheres above the dial, we broke with conventional watch designs and ventured into a futuristic world of time measurement.

Every watch that leaves our workshop is a work of art in itself, carefully designed and of the highest quality.

Conquering wrists of the world ❤️

Meanwhile, Magneto Watch conquers the hearts and wrists not only of people in Germany, but also of people all over Europe and even in the USA.

We are proud to bring together people who share the same passion for the extraordinary. We are a community that is not afraid to push the boundaries of tradition and help shape the future through unique and special products.

That special something

Magneto Watch is not just about watches, but about the people who wear them. Everyone who calls a Magneto Watch their own is part of our family and contributes to our vision of individuality and specialness.

Magneto Watch is more than just time measurement - it's a way to express yourself and experience time in style.